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You are not alone in your mental health journey. Kosha Connect is here with you.

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

“Someone asked me, “Aren’t you worried about the state of the world? I allowed myself to breathe and said “What is important is not to allow your anxiety about what happens in the world to fill your heart. If your heart is filled with anxiety, you will get sick, and you will not be able to help.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

We don’t know what is it about emotional, physical or mental pressure these days, but stress and anxiety is at an all time high! For some it could be a wedding on the way and the pressure of planning it. For many of you could be in the process of buying a new house and building your first home. Or it may well be a case of being in a profession that you don’t really care for. It could also be because we are still in a pandemic! While these things might not be of serious concern for some, it could be taking a toll on many. While talking to close friends and family members about our problems may get us the help that we are seeking, sometimes it becomes even more necessary to take professional help to overcome our emotional challenges by getting to the root of all for effective anxiety and depression treatment.

How talking to a professional can help?

Nurturing our emotional and mental health is as important as nurturing our physical health.

Mental health awareness includes our psychological and social well-being. It has an effect on how we think, act and function in our day-to-day lives. It also helps to determine how we interact with others and with ourselves & also has a deep impact on our decision-making process. So, what happens when it becomes difficult to perform our daily activities due to extreme stress, when our mind is constantly at war and unrest? And when it becomes impossible to share our thoughts with people who otherwise are friends and family members but now feel like complete strangers? That is when prioritizing our behavioral health by seeking professional help becomes a necessity to cope with our struggles.

Some common misconceptions about mental health treatment

After talking to thousands of people both online and offline we have gathered what we can consider as some of the greatest misconceptions about mental health concerns and the hesitancy felt to take a step forward toward psychological care.

● Mental health problems are very uncommon

● Mental health problems are mostly biological or genetically passed on

● Mental health issues last lifelong and are difficult to treat

● I will be looked upon as weak, if I can’t take care of my mental health

● I will be considered crazy and will need to go to the hospital for a long time

● Mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, marriage counsellors, therapists, etc.) take tons of money to treat people suffering from mental health problems

Pick Kosha Connect to understand online therapy like never before

At Kosha Connect we offer you access to a wide network of professionals trained to help you deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, marriage counselling, changes in lifestyle, trauma. In short, we prioritize your mental well-being by providing the best psychological care.

Much research suggests that when it comes to behavioral health a number of risk factors have emerged during the pandemic including issues like work-life disbalance, isolation, insomnia, increase in alcohol-consumption as well as substance abuse. We have good news for you! As we all know how technology is changing the way we meet all our needs, and online mental health treatment is no different. At Kosha Connect with the help of online digital tools, no mental health issue is not going to be untreated. Some of the digitally-enhanced and cost-effective tools we're offering includes:


Mental health problems is a sensitive topic and coming forward for treatment can be even more difficult. We understand the stigma that surrounds it well, and hence are offering E-therapy sessions at best prices. These sessions are evidence-based for treating depression, anxiety, stress and other conditions.

It is our aim to offer you guided sessions with your chosen therapists / Doctors who encourage you to talk and will give you insights to help you understand more about your emotional well-being.

Along with talk sessions we also provide allopathic mode of treatments with extended support from alternative medicine tailored as per YOUR need (Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga etc.).

We further recommend counseling by our K-Buddy support program as your K-Buddy helps keep you motivated to achieve your goals, whether its just giving a pep talk or support needed to achieve your well-being goals, at your comfortable pace.

We are also dedicated to secure a safe medium to further assist you to connect with accredited mental health professionals (live) via video calling and tele-calling (in-person clinic visit can be arranged too).

Like we mentioned earlier, our mission is to deliver support programs in YOUR mental and behavioral health journey with better outcomes, access and scale while reducing costs.

Remove your barriers and get in touch with Kosha Connect, your clinician-based virtual guide is here to take care. To know more contact us today.

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